Hi, I am Andraste, the owner of Hare & Raven Maps.

I create battle maps for TTRPGs, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Everyday Heroes, and more.

I have been a storyteller and DM for well over fifteen years. My first maps were hand-drawn cross-hatched suggestions scribbled on dry-erase boards with squeaky markers or tea-stained pages that crackled when they moved. They were barely more than a few squares in different colours, but that was all we needed, or so I thought.

While that worked for in-person sessions, when my TTRPGs moved online, I knew I needed something more and something that worked with VTTs.

I began to look around for maps but struggled to find what I wanted. Compounding this, I wanted maps in genres I struggled to find.

Eventually, I started making my own again, but instead of going back to tea and markers, I investigated online tools. I tried several software suites before settling on the suite I use at the moment. Inkarnate has the flexibility I like with art styles I find appealing. I began to create maps for my games, but as my skills increased, I started to get requests for maps.

It took a lot of planning, but this site is where I make that happen.

I offer maps in the four genres that I like to DM: fantasy, modern, horror, and sci-fi. I primarily create battle maps, but may release city or regional maps from time to time.

I work in both Inkarnate's Fantasy Battle Map and Watercolor Battle Map styles. I find both of them versatile and flexible with new content landing regularly. I also include custom stamps I have created where needed. At some point in the future, I release the stamps I make as asset packs.

I hope you find what you are looking for here, that Hare and Raven has the maps you seek. Happy gaming!


Welcome to the FAQ for the website!
Several common questions popped up, and this is where I am pulling together all the answers.

Q: What is this place?
A: This website is where I sell all the TTRPG-Related Digital Media I create.

Q: Is your name related to Dragon Age?
A: No, I've never played Dragon Age. I chose the name Andraste to use based on the Icenic war goddess invoked by Boudica when she fought the Romans. Hares and ravens are sacred animals to Andraste, hence the name of the store.

Q: Do you have a Patreon?
A: No, Hare and Raven Maps does not have a Patreon.

Q: Why don't you just open a Patreon?
A: I have decided to go this route instead of the Patreon route because, after considering my options, this is the one I was most comfortable with.

For me, Patreon requires a time investment I cannot meet. TTRPG Patreons often update at a rate many have come to expect as a norm, and I know I cannot reliably match that pace. There are also many features and design choices within Patreon that I do not like. For example, Patreon is challenging to navigate when looking for something specific. It is also very easy for both the artist and the patron to get shorted in transactions. For example, patrons can subscribe to a Patreon that doesn't update and pay for nothing, while artists can have those who subscribe, download the archive, and then cancel.

Further, I create maps in four different genres; not everyone is interested in all four. I cannot reliably say I will release a map for all four every month, so I felt it was unfair to have a monthly subscription as the only way people could access my content. I was not too fond of the idea that someone might be paying for something they will never use or paying for a month and not getting something for it. Opening my site with each map available separately (or as part of a pack) means you are paying for the maps you want and will use and passing over the ones you won't. It also means if you don't have the funds to commit every month you can still grab a map or two without risk.

Q: How do I access the Discord?
A: The Discord is linked across the site, but if you need it, here is an evergreen invite: Hare and Raven Maps Discord.

Q: I don't want to join the Discord. Do I have to?
A: Not at all. The Discord is just a way for me to let those interested know when new maps have been added and to sometimes include discount codes and special offers. If you aren't interested in that, you can choose to just wander back when you feel like it; no pressure.